I believe the most important institution of learning is the home, guided by the most important unit within any civil society - the family. By limiting government, we limit the welfare state which has helped to transfer responsibility from the family to the government. This trend is unsustainable from a fiscal perspective and generally unhealthy for society. We must reduce the tax and regulatory burden on families, allowing for more opportunity for involvement in the education of their children. I support parental choice in education, including the use of vouchers. However, with government intervention in funding these programs, religious and private institutions that participate in these programs expose themselves to government regulations and should therefore be cautious and not take participating in these programs lightly.


I supported lifting the moratorium limiting nuclear energy production. I oppose all efforts to institute a statewide cap and trade system, or any other taxing system that penalizes carbon dioxide production. In these times of economic weakness, we must be sure energy is affordable and readily available. Excessive regulations in this area will only serve to further harm our economy. I oppose any efforts to mandate or subsidize one form of energy over another, including ethanol.

Public Lands

Given the current budget condition, the state needs to immediately cease further acquisition of private property through the Stewardship program. Government owns too much land in Wisconsin. It is time we restore individual ownership to much of that land.

Regulatory Reform

I support legislation to reduce the regulatory burden in all areas of state government and I supported Governor Walker’s policy of mandating Gubernatorial approval for all new executive regulations.

Defending the 2nd Amendment

I support our Founding Father’s vision of the 2nd Amendment as an individual right. I believe this vision includes the right to carry arms, be it openly or concealed.

Protecting the Right to Vote

I believe strongly that our right to vote for our leaders is the nexus of our republic. It is imperative that we protect that right from those who seek to vote illegally, thereby disenfranchising those that abide by the law. To protect that right, the legislature must guard the photo ID requirement for voting.